Holiday Good Times

 Making bath products, the big Bowerbird let all the little ones help.
 Playing with Magic Sand
 Rocking in more ways than one.

I'm loving this funny thing - visitors arrive and don't know how to get in.  It wasn't as easy to install as they would have you believe, definitely a two person job, but it has stopped me from constantly reminding the kids to shut the fly screen that was shoddy, never shut very well, and constantly needed adjusting.  The magnets shut themselves most of the time.

We have also put one in downstairs where we had no fly-screen, and it's doing a pretty good job at letting in some air without the critters.  We live at mosquito central and the many bags of horse manure I've spread aren't discouraging the fly population either. I think the add is pretty funny so have decided to share. I haven't received any commission for mentioning this product.  I bought mine on Ebay and it was much cheaper than installing new screen doors in our rental property.

Who knew screen doors were so annoying?!

Here's some Boxing Day sillyness

After tricking Mr Bowerbird to eat the vomit flavoured jelly bean they had my good friend in their sights. I think they were trying to insert the rotten egg or booger flavour, we found them all over the lounge-room at the end of the day. Was the cause of much screaming and laughter on boxing day.

We received so many lovely gifts for us and our children, I feel a bit guilty that we don't reciprocate in the same way to all those who don't have kids.