One Last Mad Science Monday

We went to the season's last science class at the library.  The girls will be sad to see it end...  But today's topic was pretty fabulous.  They made oobleck!  That's the name (taken from a Dr. Seuss story) of the oh-so-interesting neither a solid nor a liquid slime that comes from mixing corn starch and water.  It is great, messy fun!
Rachel was not a fan at first.  It was hard for her to get over the fact that her hands were messy.  But she eventually did and then had a grand time.
Katherine adores oobleck and pretty much anything else slimey, so she thought the whole project was just fabulous!
So we stayed and played until dinner.
When Ms. Jo, the children's librarian asked the group which mad science activity had been their favorite, there was a unanimous shout of "This one!"  Oobleck is just cool.