Father and Daughter


Big enough to do up Mr Bowerbird's cuff-links, only a few centimetres before she reaches passes me. Out for a special night with daddy, to her cousin's Debutante Ball, I thought she'd enjoy it more than me. We curled her hair for a change and she was very gracious about wearing a summer dress with a top underneath from her wardrobe, we somehow missed the window to go looking for something new, but it really didn't matter.

I was once a debutante, but I am really not into the whole concept, so ... well silly really. Introducing a young lady into society - where was she before then?  A rite of passage, tradition, an excuse for a good night out...I guess that was what drew me in, that and the fear that I may be missing out on something.

The Big Bowerbird stayed up until midnight dancing and eating sticky date pudding, that smile was even bigger when she finally returned home. Those one on one times with a parent on their own are so special , for the kids and their parents. Before I know it she will be out until midnight on her own, that's a hard thought to swallow. Afraid I may be a bit of a helicopter at that stage.