I hear grey and feel uninspired, yet grey can be exquisite. 
A rainbow dramatically cast against a dark grey sky. 
Grey bark, smooth and peeling, rough and brittle.
Grey timber cut, grown old and silver. 
Grey, a colour of the Australian bush, Eucalyptus covered mountains emitting a blue grey haze, grey worn rocks carrying the story of time, grey smoke willowing from our flammable plants. Grey in the animal kingdom, grey fur, feather and skin. Grey reptiles, grey whales, dolphins and pygmy possums. Grey female birds drab beside their colourful partners. Grey Brolgas, Gosshawks, Gang Gang cockatoos, Galahs, Tawny Frogmouths,  Grey Currawong, Grey Butcher Bird and the Grey Shrike Thrush, carrying the prettiest of songs. Grey seeds starting life anew. 

Grey is the toughest of plants - silver to reflect back a harsh sun. Adapted to salt and sea, desert, snow and ice. 

Grey in the city, a grey skyline covered in grey smog, and in the country, grey corrugated iron and old grey sheds.
Without grey skies, how could we ever appreciate the glory of blue?
Grey memories and the hairs of wisdom.

Magnificent greys around the Cape Arid and Esperance areas, South West Australia.

My girls rocking grey at home and in the city. Grey on my favourite nanna blanket.

Before Gotye - body painting - Visage - Fade to Grey

New Order - Temptation

A very clever grey parrot

Some other thoughts on an entirely different grey:

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