My Birthday Weekend

The day before my birthday some of my girlfriends took me to dinner at this fantastic new restaurant, True Food.
It was a great time and always great to have an excuse to get together!
Thanks ladies for a great time! 
On my actual birthday this little angel was under the weather,
 so it was my pleasure to spend the day helping Lola feel better.
Ellie was determined to have me open my presents as soon as possible though
...she has just about as much patients as her mom :)
By evening time Lola had broken her fever and was feeling much better
... just in time to end the day with a family movie night!
The day after my birthday Tony planned to have some family over to help celebrate.
 Family, Pizza, and Cake makes for a great evening!
Me with Sara, Suzanne, Missi, and Drew
My nephews helped me celebrate too!
I don't know why Aiden looks so sad, he is about to get a huge piece of cake.
Auntie Missi and Ellie
Liam is such a tickle bug... he loves to be tickled and I love to make him laugh!
Cake Time!!!
I feel so loved!!! 33 is a good number and I feel like it's going to be a fantastic year!
Thanks all (pictured and not pictured) for a great birthday!