School Supplies

   I went back to inservice yesterday, which was as dull as expected.  I'll start back to work in a week and a half and I'm not ready.  I never really am.  While I love my job, I hate getting up way too early in the morning to get there.  And I am never very excited about the prospect of taming 25 preschoolers.  The first six weeks of preschool are always chaos, sometimes barely controlled and sometimes not.  After I get them all housebroken, they're a lot of fun.  But until then...
   However, I AM ready to send my children back to school.  Both girls are bored out of their minds and in the mood to pick a fight all day long.  It's time! 
   This morning, I broke down and took them both shopping for their school supplies.  This is prbably Kathernine's favorite shopping trip of the year.  She is SO excited about 3rd grade.  She gets to use pen!  And highlighters!  They're going to write poetry!  And do multiplication (which she already knows how to do)!  And write in cursive (which she taight herself in 1st grade)!  And even take State Assessment Tests!!!!  Sometimes I look at her and think "Whose kis IS this?"  I was a bookish, teacher's pet child, but the whole State Assessment Test enthusiasm goes way beyond that!  I do hope Kate's enthusiasm for school continues forever.
   Rachel was pleased with a  new pair of pink scissors, but otherwise didn't much care about school supplies.  She was excited to see her lunch box again, though.  She's ready to return to an exciting social life instead of just hanging out with us.  Somehow, I don't think she'll be thrilled with State Assessment Tests four years from now.