string art sign

did you ever do string art in elementary school?  it was one of my favorites.

i think my aunt JoAnn was the first one to introduce it to me. she was an artist and i loved spending time at her house! she passed away a couple of years ago and i miss her so much! she was like a second mom to me and our families are still very close.

as i was coming up with ideas for my little guy's room, i wanted to bring back string art. first, my man cut up some old pallets and nailed them together.

second, i printed out the word "ride" and used it as my template for where i would put the nails.

third, i hammered in the nails.

lastly, i used white crochet thread and wound it around the nails.

i hung it in my little guy's room and will show you what i put with it real soon.

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