Bike Dreams

This evening Steve went out to air up the tires on Rachel's bike.  Somehow, she managed to convince him to take off her training wheels.  After all, she is BIG.  She was very excited to give it a try.
But, after multiple attempts, it became clear that balance is still a big issue.  Rae couldn't stay upright for even one turn of the pedals.  Although she wanted to keep trying.  So, Steve put the training wheels back on.
Miss Rae was NOT pleased with this turn on events!
She did manage to talk her dad into bending the training wheels up more, so that they were farther from the ground.  Then she took her bike to the imaginary bike store and "took off the little wheels".  And climbed on her new-to-her-mind bicycle.
It's still obvious to everyone but Rachel that she's not quite ready for solo riding.  How do you like that lean?
But Rachel is, as always, determined.  Even when riding doesn't go as planned.
She just climbs back on and tries again.
She can even do tricks - "One hand!"
And she has a good time, even if she's not quite as big as she dreams.