Homemade Bubble Wands

We made some homemade bubble wands the kids have been smitten with for awhile now. I'd been meaning to make the classic metal hanger version, but then I decided to get out my metals box and try to make something a little more magical.

The kids had fun going through my stuff, picking out ribbon and pretty little things.

Using a pair of needle nose pliers, I twisted wire into star shaped wands, then threaded the beads and such they had chosen onto the stems. Beads that were too small for the wand wire, I put on smaller gauge wire and looped it loosely onto the wand so that they dangle freely like tassels.

I went over the stars with a hammer, forging them gives them strength so they will hold their shape. 

I tied ribbon on the handles, and gave them a couple jars of bubbles for some super magical bubble blowing.

Kaia particularly likes running with her wand, trailing bubbles... I had a hard time getting a picture of her even relatively in focus. :)

The wands are bigger than any they have had before, and they love the larger bubbles. Next time I will have to make some great big ones to dip in a dish!

Katalin concentrates so hard when she blows bubbles, it is really amusing to watch. She is so proud every time she produced a bubble!

They have had bubbles, but these little wands hold a whole new level of appeal for them, they have been bubbling constantly!