our little guy's room

i've been working on our little guy's room for awhile now. i still have a few things i want to do with it, but it is almost complete.

the room has gone from linen white walls to bright white and one grey wall.

i wanted to decorate his room with something that wasn't typical for a boy's room. although, he would probably have loved a room all decked out in cars, trains, etc. i wanted something that was more unique for him.
the bed frame i bought online from Target. it was white and i painted it red.

i found fabric that had bicycles and wheels on it and created a chevron design for the quilt. my amazing mom made my vision come to life by making the quilt.

i gathered some posters, pictures and made the "ride" string art for a simple gallery wall. i used old hangers to hang the pictures from.

i collected a bunch of old bicycle wheels from my sister, and used them as wall art. my wonderful husband hung them for me. i'm always asking him for help with unusual tasks and he never complains or tries to talk me out of my crazy ideas...thank you!

the wheels will be used to hang pictures or other important things from.

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