Solar Rocket and Spring Days

A fathers day present in action, it was left in the sun on a cool sunny day and forgotten about, 2 hours later it was furiously bubbling.  The solar rocket feels a little flimsy (the downside to buying things online is you don't see them first), but it certainly does a great job, it will be fun to have free hot water through summer, I wonder how long it will take on a summers day.


 Flowers are filling our house with fragrance and joy, the bulbs seemed to have enjoyed the wet winter, I love the variety of daffodils and jonquils in our garden.

Shorts! Warm enough for shorts, it felt as if the day would never come.  We are minding some chickens at the moment, I find myself watching their antics and feeding them garden tit bits constantly, as a bonus they also give us two eggs a day, the children are besotted. The hen on the right has been seriously hen pecked after a heavy moult and in need of some TLC, any suggestions to help nurse her back to health?



I spread stinky stuff everywhere today - blood and bone and chicken manure pellets, just need some rain to soak it all in now, doesn't look like good outdoor weather on the horizon.