Dental Divas

I am loosing track of how many times these girls have been to the dentist now, but each and every time our appointment comes up Tony and I get nervous... we are so afraid we're going to hear the C word (despite the fact that we are really good at brushing on a regular basis). Today there was no C word, these ladies are cavity free again...whew! I will say that both of the girls did fantastic with the hygienist, but when the doctor came in Ellie went into complete hysterics. It was such a shock to Tony and me since she did fine each and every time before. I basically had to hold her down and dodge punches while the doctor checked her teeth. I felt horrible doing that, but my feeling were relieved when two seconds later she was fine. On the contrary, Lola didn't have a problem with the doc at all and let him check her mouth without protest. I'm giving Ellie a pass on this one though because really no one likes going to the dentist, adults are just a little more in control of their way to protest such things.
 (yes, I am the crazy mom that takes pictures of my kids at the dentist- I can't resist)
Ellie First!

Lola Second!!