over a cup of coffee...

if we were meeting today to have coffee or for me tea, i would tell you...

my house is a total wreck...i've got several project going on, a bit of rearranging in progress and just pretty much a messy house.

i've been making digital photo books...5 books completed and finished last night! i was crazy and purchased 5 groupons and the deadline was last night. i did it...but it was serious craziness, but i can't wait to get them!

the weather is crazy here! yesterday...80 degrees...i wore shorts and a tee shirt. today...cold...high of mid 40's and a low in the 20's.  it might even snow this weekend.  YIKES!  probably one of the reasons my house is a mess, all the winter clothes are coming out.

i have a parent-teacher conference for my little lady today.

lastly, i'm very blessed to have hung out with my MOPS friends today!

what would you tell me?