Pumpkin Picking Fun!

The girls have too much fun at pumpkin patches to visit them just once year. So last Sunday we decided to visit a mega pumpkin patch by Uncle Drew's house. This pumpkin patch was full of fun rides the girls has yet to try. It also had a scary maze, lots of pumpkins, ponies, and kid cars. Uncle Drew met us there to join in on the fun!
This 'Spooky' marked the entrance to the scary maze... the girls were so cute and decided on their own to enter, but only if they were holding hands and staying together.

Rides, Rides, and more Rides....
I will have to say their very favorite was the bungee jumping.
They would have stayed on that bungee trampoline all day!

Time to help Uncle Drew find the perfect pumpkin... and we didn't have much time. By the time we used up all our tickets on the rides it started to sprinkle and you could just tell the rain was a coming, So we had to be decisive.

(took a break from pumpkin hunting to hide in the train)

Not only did we find the perfect pumpkin we found the perfect wagon that fit all three pumpkins plus to cute little girls. Uncle Drew got the pleasure of lugging this whole load!

What a fun day!
We lucked out and the rain did not come full force until we were on our home!