Tomatoes and Frost

Sometimes I like to live life a little on the edge, take a gamble or two.

The firm rule with tomatoes around here is that you don't plant them until after Melbourne Cup Day, lest you wish to be greeted by dead plants after a chilly visit from Jack.

After a long winter without tasty home grown tomatoes I am pining for those rosy delights, and couldn't resist the delicious array of heirloom seedling tomatoes that can be found in nurseries everywhere this year.

Tonight will be a true test of my folly, with chilly temperatures forecast and a grazier's alert. Perhaps the weatherman could bring out a tomato alert, for all the overly ambitious gardeners out there. I have placed my tomatoes in tree guards and fed them with sulphate of potash (today) which is supposed to improve their cell structure (and fruiting and flowering).  If I was really clever I'd have covered them, but I couldn't figure out what with in any hurry.

Crossing my fingers.

Do you ever take a leap of faith in the garden?

“Be not afraid of growing slowly.  Be only afraid of standing still.” - Chinese Proverb

Siberian tomato, sounds like it should be able to take a bit of chill.