We have officially entered the world of slumber parties!  Katherine and her good friend Katherine (who goes by Keka, in part to distinguish the two Katherines) have been begging for a sleepover for months.  A couple of weeks ago, we set a date and the girls began planning.  Their teacher stopped me last week and told me that she had intercepted assorted notes about the need for flashlights and sleeping bags.  And she had overheard many enthusiastic plans for the Big Day.  Thankfully, Mrs. B was amused by it all!

Last night was FINALLY the Big Night.  Keka came home from school with us and the two Katherines ran off to play.  Granny offered to have a sleepover for Rachel to get her out of the bigger girls' hair - thank goodness!  (Although Keka, who has two older brothers, pointed out that "It's little sisters' job to annoy their siblings"!) 

So, after weeks of planning, what did the Katherines do?  They toured the house.  They played basketball.  They disappeared into the basement for some top-secret toy playing.  They watched Family Game Night on TV.  But they spent most of the evening writing and illustrating a book on sea animals...
Such sweet, funny, nerdy 3rd graders!

When I announced that it was time for bed, the girls happily climbed into their sleeping bags.  I doubt they went right to sleep, but I didn't hear anything else out of them.
Both Katherines agree that their first sleepover was a smashing success.  Now they are making plans to write the next chapter of that book.  Oh, and planning another sleepover.