Snail Races an Alternative to Melbourne Cup Day

A touch of nerves in the centre circle, and then they were off and racing.
 Crossing the finish line, no risk of missing the moment.

 The proud snail owners

 And an extra proud winner.
 The race continued until all places were declared.

 There was much oohing and ahhing, some false starts, a piggy back, and a little illegal assistance. Then, much to our surprise, after a riveting day of racing, the snails were quickly dispatched by the little Bowerbird. I was prepared to let these ones go, thinking the kids may have got a little attached, after all they are quite beautiful close up, but the little Bowerbird is a great garden helper and loves to stomp snails, and these were not to be spared. There were no real winners in this competition. Just as well, it's prime planting time here.