Spring glorious Spring - 2012



A flower at every turn. We go on a daily walk of the garden to see what's happening, there is always something new to delight and surprise. Sometimes whole trees erupt into blossom in the  space of 24 hours. We nibble on a rainbow hued bouquet of pansies, violas, calendula, borage, pineapple sage, rocket, and broccoli flowers. The little one runs outside at meals times to gather pretty posies for our salad.

The birds join us in the feast of Spring, sipping nectar and pecking off the new born flurry of insects, a myriad of bugs awoken by November's abundance. Bees fill the garden with their busyness, some so coated in pollen it seems impossible for them to fly. We laugh at their giddy aerodynamics. I cannot bare to remove the brassicas as their flowers are a favourite of these welcome pollinators. On our neighbourhood stroll to admire the wildflowers we notice a bee hive box is sitting outside a neighbours house just a few doors down. Now we know where our bees are sleeping.  It seems a particularly good year for bees and roses.

Scent is everywhere, with ever changing notes, sweet, spicy, chocolatey, subtle and overwhelming. We pick bunches of flowers to admire inside, learning which ones fade quickly and which ones can get by on water alone. Some wilt before they are even placed in a vase, whilst others can last weeks, slowly unfurling new buds to admire.

Something else to make you smile. the clouds have also been especially good of late. 
What are you loving this Spring?