Thanksgiving 2012

The girls and I had Thanksgiving dinner with my mom's family, as we usually do.  (We took leftovers home to Steve, who is still sick with flu and pneumonia - poor guy.)  It was a typical gathering, with enough food for an army and kids everywhere - I think I counted 35 of us!

We had fun making a lovely turkey centerpiece out of fruit.  We skewered pieces of friut on sticks and poked them into a pineapple.  It was cute and tasty!
The weather was gorgeous and not at all November-like, so the kids spent most of the day outside.  There was a pack of 5 to 10 year old girls who spent a loooong time giggling and trying out cheerleader moves and just enjoying each other.
There were six (6!!!!) kids who were 5 or nearly 5!
Kenzie and Rachel are birthday twins.  They were celebrating their last day of being 9 and 4 years old.
The girls wanted to climb in the old barn again, so we did.
On of my co-workers was throwing away a lovely turkey hat, when I salvaged it saying "My mom would wear that."  And she did!
We had a wonderful, relaxed day and ate entirely too much food.  (After all, you don't often get the chance to eat homemade chocolate AND coconut cream pie in one day.)  Happy Thanksgiving!