Thanksgiving Program

Katherine had a music concert this evening.  They usually have a Christmas program, but her teacher decided to skip the December madness and do a Thanksgiving concert instead.  Smart teacher!
I love the music concerts at her school.
There are huge crowds and I know most of the people there, because I had their kids in preschool.  And the music is always great fun!
There are always a lot of actions in the songs.
And lots of kids accompany the songs on rhythm instruments or drums or chimes.  Katherine played the sand blocks tonight.
She even got to try out some hip hop moves...
My favorite pictures of the evening happened during the down time, when Kate wasn't even singing.  It seems the general opinion is that watching other kids move one and off the risers is, well, boring.
The younger kids did a dance to a song called Any Turkey Can Tango.  It soon became clear that while turkeys can tango, kindergarteners can't.
I'm just glad that music is a part of Katherine's education, because music has a way of engaging her and soothing her that nothing else can.  She always has a song in her heart.