Where we are so far....

Today marked the end of our first unit of study using the Ad-Duha curriculum for Arabic and Quranic studies. During these past few months we have been developing a consistent routine of study and play, as well as incorporating other subjects of interest which added a nice little element of surprise. I decided to jot down some quick notes just to get an idea of what exactly we have covered and what we would like to continue with or omit from our routine. Upon stumbling onto some of our newer subjects I have doing a lot of research and blog reading to kind of wrap my mind around what road it is exactly that we are heading down; that is what method or philosophy of education we will be using.

I feel a bit as if I have been all over the place, but I am somewhat organized, just not as organized as I  would like to be. Blogging has definitely helped me sort through my thoughts and visions of homeschooling, and the blogs I follow have also been a tremendous help and great pool of resources.

I kind of did a quick categorization in my notes of our subjects and topics that I will share here:

Ad- Duha:
Who is Allah?
Shahada- meaning & memory
Quran: Fatiha- Tafseer & memorization 
Math: Arabic numbers 1-10

Nature Study/ Play:
Forest Walks
Seasonal scavenger hunts
Mud Play
Nature Journal
wild flowers, bugs, trees, pine cones
Water and puddle play
Tree climbing & swinging
Fort building
Seasons Theme Pack (taken from a Muslim Child is Born)

Art & Music Appreciation:
Music: Sami Yusuf & I look I see 1 & 2( Nasheed)
Art: Collage Work, Painting, coloring, drawing.

Spelling Dictation: 3 letter words
Reading: Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons (Lessons 1-30 completed)
Read-Alouds done daily during story time hours

Listening: (Audio books)
Alice in Wonderland
Just So Stories-Rudyard Kipling

Arabic  (Ad-Duha curriculum & Sunday School)
French, German & Luxembourgish (Waldorf School)
Film: Subject and Topic related
Geography: based on our travels

Waldorf School
Sunday School 

Looking at this now I see I still need to incorporate History and Math into our schedule. I think I feel pretty good with what we have accomplished so far. But I would like to adopt a method of education and I think for homeschooling we are going with the Charlotte Mason Method. I think it's smart because it coincides nicely with the Waldorf philosophy that she is getting at her school. I also am comfortable with our schedule and feel for the most part that things have been going smoothly. We have our good and bad days, and some days we accomplish a lot more than others, but it's not a race, I just go with Ameera's mood and let that dictate how far we go. Some days we don't feel like doing anything and I am fine with that, but for the most part we work 4-5 days a week consistently, and above all I like to keep things light and fun.