Wildflower Walk

As the weather warms, and the days get longer, we are finding time for a post dinner walk.

 We are very lucky to have a railway reserve nearby. It is the perfect place to find Spring Wildflowers baring beautiful names like Milkmaids, Early Nancies and Chocolate Lilies.

 This time of year even the weeds look pretty. We have been gradually chipping away at this highly persistent Broom at our place, but it refuses to be swept away.

 I love telling kids these dainty little plants are carnivores. They can't resist touching the Sundew's (Drosera) sticky traps.
 Trigger Plants (Stylidium), also fascinate the children. They have a hammer like pollination system that can be triggered using a fine stick.

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Bush Tucker plant, Cherry Ballart (Exocarpus cuppressiformis), and it's fruits. The tree is parasitic and very difficult to propagate,  so unfortunately we can't plant one in a pot - it would make a wonderful Australian Christmas tree. The redder the fruit, the better they taste, unfortunately the birds are aware of this and the truly sweet ones are hard to find.


 Back home to admire our own flower collection and watch our resident Ring Tail Possum teeter on powerlines. I do love an after dinner stroll.