Christmas Book Buddies... and Advent

So I follow this blog called "Mommy and Me Book Club" and she puts the coolest stuff up on her blog. She reviews children's book and then creates activities based on the specific book. I  have  done this kind of thing with the girls on occasion and called them "Book Buddies" I blogged about them Here and Here , but her ideas are much more in depth. Her last post happened to be on this book Mortimer's Christmas Manger It was the cutest story about the curiosity a mouse had for the nativity scene. There were tons of fun activities outlined to go with this book, but I picked one and the girls and I worked on it together this past weekend. We read the book together, talked about the nativity, and then made a mouse in a manger. I love how activities like these inspire conversation between Lola and Ellie. It was so cute to listen to them talk about the shepherds, the wise man, and how cute baby Jesus looked sleeping in the manger.  I swear this blog makes me want to start my very own Mommy and Me book club in San Diego. 

Lola's finished product
Ellie's finished product
Advent Wreaths
This pic is unrelated to the book, but the girls made advent wreaths at preschool with pretend flames. We light the flames each Sunday and try to talk to the girls about advent. It just so happened that the second advent candle represents sharing and helping others in need. A perfect time to teach a real life lesson. I encouraged the girls to think about toys they no longer played with while we cleaned their room together. They were hesitant at the beginning, but by the end of it they filled this huge basket behind them as well as whole bag. They really did want to give their toys to other kids in need. I was surprised by some of the items they were willing to give up. Lola and Ellie making mama and daddy proud. 
I love living Christmas through the eyes of a child once more!