Christmas Evening - 2012

After the chaos of the morning subsided we headed over to Emma's house for Christmas dinner and of course more presents. The girls were greeted with the likes of this when they entered Emma's family room. 
Ellie went straight for the guitar and pretty much didn't let it go the entire night. She actually has a bit of a knack for it, we might be seeing guitar lessons in her future. 
CARS stuff!!
Okay so the girls just opened those super cool Leap Pads, but Ellie just kept right on strumming that guitar. 

puppet and more... 
I plan on creating a puppet theater out of leftover Christmas boxes this break, with the girls helps of course. 
Lola loved her cozy Lightning McQueen  sleeping bag! 
Ellie received a Lego Star Wars movie from Uncle Drew.. she is in love, that was the only thing that tore her away from the guitar. 
...well that and the new blocks! 
We sure worked up an appetite with all the gift opening. 
The Cooks
The Hostages
The Mezzadri family Christmas photo 
...the crazy version... Love it! 

WOW, what a day of Celebration... now it was really time to get some REST!