Christmas Party #3

Steve and I used to live in a little town in the northern part of the state.  Our church there had a big caroling party every year and it was one of the best parts of Christmas.  We have missed it ever since we moved here.  Last week after church, I was standing around chatting with church friends and mentioned that next year, I wanted to go caroling.  One of the other women said, "Why wait for next year.  Let's go this year!"  So we threw together a last minute caroling party!

Tonight, 20 of us bundled up and headed out to sing at the homes of some of our church's older members who can no longer get out much. 
None of the kids had ever been caroling, but they LOVED it!
The singing was fun and the joy we brought to some elderly people was wonderful to see.  One sweet gentleman listened with tears running down his face.  This is why I wanted to teach my girls about caroling...

Afterward, we went to the church for hot chocolate and snacks.
It was good to be with friends and even better to share the gift of music.