Eldorado, Camping Music Festival Bliss

 A riveting game of "sticks and scats" whilst we waited for a bus to ferry us in, cheered up the middle Bowerbird playing with rabbit poo.


 I made the 11 year old promise that she would dance with me at the next Folk Rhythm and Life festival, in two years time. All three kids had a good boogie with their mum this year, but I'm not sure what a teenager will think of my Elaine style dancing. She may not be convinced of the "dance like no one's watching" maxim. Not that I'm alone, Eldorado is a place I feel positively straight laced. So good to find that inner hippy.


 I held back from the awesome Dallas Frasca jumping castle crowd surfing.

Good friends, good food, good music and camping in divine surrounds. The only downside to such a relaxing holiday is that I can't be bothered getting organised for Christmas, or doing much of anything for that matter, even feeling too lazy to blog. I'm way too chilled, but what a beautiful start to summer. 

The hottest week of December did leave me slightly on edge whilst we were away, when we got home I dropped everything and ran to water the garden, only a few corn seedling casualties, but I feel way behind on the gardening front - I still have cucumber and zuchinni seeds to plant. ahhh.

A couple of videos to get you into the summer groove. Sal Kimber was my festival favourite. A huge thankyou to all the volunteers that make this beautiful festival the highlight of my summer.

Mia Dyson
Lee Rosser and Tim O'Conner - Honey Coated @ FRL 2012

On our way home we picked up a new furry addition, but more on him later.