It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Tony's dad birthday was on December 3rd, so we always like to remember him by getting our tree on or around his birthday. Most years it works out that we can get it on Frank's birthday and this year was not different. So Monday afternoon we headed out to get our tree.  We always shoot for a tree that is about 5 to 6 feet tall. It's easier for me to handle and it doesn't take up half our living room. But they were all out of that size tree, so we ended up with an almost 7 foot tree for the price of a five foot. Price was less the issue than my ability to handle the 7  foot tree all on my own. Somehow we managed to get it home and into the stand. 

I did have some amazing help from Lola ... she is so strong. 

Ellie was less interested in decorating the tree, so Lola ended up hanging the traditional first ornament, a teddybear bride and groom with Tony and my name on it (it was our first ornament as a married couple). 
Ellie did hang a few...
...but most of the time she ended up just playing with the ornaments. 
We did add some more festive decoration to our collection this year. We decked out our patio a little bit more this year with lots of light and poinsettia.  
My favorite addition of the year is framed pictures of the girl's visits to Santa Clause.
 I love looking back at those classic pictures. 

The house is ready and the waiting begins!