My Ellie, age 3 and three quarters

As I said in before, and I am sure most parents would  agree, it is a priority to spend time with your children individuality, to get to know them apart from their siblings. Having twins can make this task challenging, but even more important to do so. Ellie is an early riser and doubles as my alarm clock more days than not, which allows me to have almost daily time with just Ellie. Ellie simply put is my goofy, independent, beautiful girl who is smart beyond her years, but at the same time is very dependent. She thrives off one on one attention, which would fool most observers. Ellie is the happiest when she has your full attention, it doesn't even matter if you are reading a book, playing dolls, or wrestling around. I foresee Ellie as a future politician or lawyer. She is always striving for a captive audience, making her own rules (and defending to anyone who will listen why they are good and practical rules), and she is a very effective communicator. She picks up on body language and facial expression like few people I know. She is my  great observer. When it comes to learning, Ellie is a  visual and auditory learner. She learns by watching and listening. If you put any words to a tune she will learn them immediately. So yes, she can sing my phone number, spell her name to a tune, and sing a plethora of songs. For example, when we were at my cousins wedding she heard the popular song Gangdam Style one time and now she walks around singing "Hey, Sexy Lady..." Tony tired to correct her and said "No, Ellie, It's ' Hey, Pretty Lady'" No fooling this one...she picked up on the trickery which only made her sing it more. Ellie is decisive in nature. Her favorite color is blue, it has always been blue and I think it might always be blue. She loves cars and blocks as her sister does, but Ellie always attaches a personality to the car. She is not simply playing cars, but the cars turn into people and the blocks are their homes. Ellie is a social bug and has made many friends, but she always prefers to play with her sister.  She loves to swim and ask consistently, despite the cold weather, if we can go to the pool. I would consider Ellie a daddy's girl overall, but she also seeks mommy's attention quite often. She is a captive listener and a story teller. Ellie is funny, seriously she makes me laugh every day. She's witty and a true comedian. My Ellie is a leader and I am so looking forward to seeing where she will go in life. My Ellie!

Parenting twins is pretty cool, especially when you get to raise two individuals who are so different, yet so a like.