The Sugar Tradition

The girls have been begging to make dipped pretzels and tonight was the night.
We make these every Christmas and the girls LOVE it.  What's not to love about dipping pretzels in what is essentially melted sugar and then shaking more sugar on top?
Rachel was all for posing.  And sneaking tastes of sugar when she thought no one was watching.
And why were we decorating Christmas goodies with pink sugar?  Well, Rachel has a wheat intolerance and can't eat regular pretzels.  Her gluten free version looks just the same, so we had to identify them some way.  And pink sugar was the perfect solution for Miss Pink.
Katherine was not so eager to pose, but she did want to be in the middle of all the pretzel making.  And I caught her eating pinches of sprinkles when my back was turned.
This year, the girls sang Christmas songs while shaking sugar.  That was a nice addition to the tradition!
It's starting to feel like Christmas!