Christmas 2012 - the epic adventure

For the family who were too far away to share Xmas with us. 
Christmas eve - the CFA Santa comes with his siren calling, it is blaring all day through the neighbourhood as the children's impatience to see him grows.
He is generously baring bags of lollies and heralding exciting things to come.
 I pay a visit to Santa as the little Bowerbird is not so keen, she needs serious encouragement  lifting to climb the stairs - note the forced smile. 

 Santa and the reindeers are left some treats and sparklers are lit so they will find us.
 Stockings are left out, a friend has hand sewn beautiful ones with the children's names on them, they jingle when touched.

We wake up at 7am to sparkling smiles and cries of joy.
Santa has been! Santa has been!
There is the tearing of presents and appropriate shouts of oohs and ahhhs as we watch smug and bleary eyed from our pillows.  
Sibling loving at its best with much cuddles and shared present elation.
Croissants are crunched with freshly made raspberry jam.
The opening and playing with toys begins.
Giant nano block creations are patiently constructed.
Too much chocolate is eaten.

 3D Figures are painted and coloured, pictures are painted. 
Op shopped toys are tested for functionality and puzzles made with missing pieces. (Not cool opshop donaters - the puzzle is no good unless all the bits are there)
Zibits chat to each other in our lounge room, zipping here and there and waging wars.
New clothes are donned
 Rice paper rolls for lunch - effortless and delicious.


 A few games of Frisbee and a ride on a new bike.
Drinks with the neighbours, a roast chicken for dinner and stuffed mushrooms for dad.
Bed too late.
And then the festivities begin all over again with a Boxing Day extended family celebration.
There are baby cuddles
Cold meats and salads
More presents
Games in the garden
Divine deserts: Plum pudding, 3 layer ice cream cake, and meringues with a mango mojito sauce
 much wine, beer, champagne and merriment

 The killing of a beautiful owl pinata that the big Bowerbird made brought much excitement. The littlest one who could only watch, laughed and laughed at the destruction.

Then the following Saturday there was more delicious food and wild laughing with friends and the next day a special Christmas dinner with my brother and his family.
So much quality Xmas action. It will require some physical action to undo.
There has also been a vegie group celebration at the pub, a wicked lunch at Mr Carsisi,  a wonderful Summer Solstice BBQ in the forest, a New Years Eve Celebration and a resplendent mountain picnic and stroll.
Phew - no wonder I haven't been blogging, it has been far more of a social life than I am accustomed to.