Glam Trifle Slice

So my last post was healthy wholemeal spelt muffins...and this is the not so healthy 'Glam Trifle Slice'. However, this one is for a special occasion...and as we know a little treat now and then never hurt anyone! ;-)
I'm really glad I had a go at this took a little effort but the results were well worth it. It's one of my favourite creations of the last couple of months. It looks spectacular, although I was having a little difficulty taking any photos that do it justice, and it also tastes fab. This one was definitely a winner with the taste testers.

This would be the ideal dessert for a dinner party or a special occasion. We had this for lunch on New Year's Day. The madeira cake on the bottom is shop bought...although if you want to be super flash, you could make your own. The jelly layer is blitzed with 150g of raspberries and then passed through a sieve, whole raspberries are then added...and this gives it a really intense raspberry flavour. The jelly was a tiny bit on the wobbly side, perhaps due to the addition of the raspberry and it did bulge a little in comparison to the rest of the layers, so next time I might try a sheet or half a sheet of gelatine in this layer too.

The custard is made with a sheet of gelatine so it sets firmly and the cream layer also has gelatine to set it...and the recipe also calls for 3 tablespoons of sherry to add an extra dimension. I only added a tablespoon of sherry but I'd probably go for 2 next time. In addition to double cream, the top layer also has mascarpone and icing sugar in it.
This dessert was made in a loaf tin lined with cling film and parchment paper. Once set and turned out the whole thing was finished off with piped cream and sprinkles on top. I ever so slightly over-whipped the cream so it wasn't quite as smooth as I would have liked but overall I was really impressed with this recipe and I will certainly be making it again in the future and it may be destined to become a favourite pudding recipe.

If you'd like to make this 'Glam Trifle Slice' yourself, you can find the recipe here at BBC GoodFood.