Arborio Rice Pudding -- Tuesdays with Dorie

Time for another Tuesday with Dorie! The treat of the week was Arborio Rice Pudding - Black, White, or Both; chosen by Isabelle of Les gourmandises d’Isa . I was really excited to try this recipe because it sounds just perfect, creamy arborio (risotto) rice, milk, sugar, vanilla and optional chocolate, and no egg -- yay!

I remember being little and going to the local Coney Island restaurant with my mom and getting creamy rice pudding, it was usually warm with lots of cinnamon baked on top, I'm thinking it may have had raisins as well. I don't think I've really had much of it since then, but was happy to give Dorie's recipe a go. Sadly, there was an error in the cook time of the recipe, it should have read 55 minutes instead of 35, confirmed by Dorie herself at the TWD site, after many TWDers (myself included) commented we had trouble with soupy rice pudding that was no where near "set." Oh-well. It was still tasty and I know that if the recipe had been printed correctly it would probably be a winner. If I do try this one again I will probably add raisins (I know, some of you are probably thinking - yuck - sorry, but if you are a raisin fan it is really a nice touch) and cinnamon on top and serve it warm to recreate my childhood memory of rice pudding for my kiddos.

I split the pudding into thirds and did half chocolate, half vanilla, and a swirled one. They were all equally yummy -- the only problem being the consistency.

Semi sweet chocolate chips to make it 'black' :) I bet this would be been really dramatic looking if I had added some of the Hershey's Special Dark cocoa -- will have to remember that for next time. I hope that everyone else "got the memo" about the printing error in cooking time and you all had some wonderful rice pudding this week!