My Kitchen My World -- Puerto Rico

This week, My Kitchen My World bloggers "visited" Puerto Rico! This was a tough week for me finding recipes, I was really wishing I had a Puerto Rican cookbook instead of having to google away and not coming up with much.
I did find one winner recipe though, Buñuelos de Queso -- little appetizer fried cheese fritters. The kids called them 'puffs' and really liked them! They were so moist and light and fluffy, really delicious, and not greasy at all. The cheese I used was Colby. I'm almost sure we will be making these little treats again :)
Batter for the Bunuelos de Queso
Inside of Buneulos de Queso
I also tried a random Puerto Rican Beans & Rice recipe I found online. The beans and rice were different, they had red wine vinegar in them which is a flavor I really like but am not used to in beans. The kids liked them, but hubby wouldn't even give them a shot -- he doesn't like black beans at all.
I did feel a little guilty about two fried foods as appetizers but since I had to get the fryer out for one recipe why not try the other one. The other appetizer recipe I tried were Sorullitos, which are little fried cornbread fritters. Hmm Sorullitos -- they were very interesting -- hubby said they were like corndogs with out the 'dogs' ... here they are before frying:
They are traditionally served with a 'sauce' of ketchup, mayo, and garlic, which I did make and try but forgot to photograph.

This was a very interesting MKMW week, I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with for Puerto Rico and see where we are 'going' next week :)