more bats...

Day four of the bat excursion. Over ten miles on dusty, windy gravel roads. The scene out the windows was of a consistently desert-like landscape... sagebrush, basalt rock walls, and the same "motorcyclists use extreme caution" sign before each corner, give you the sense you're viewing a backdrop from an old movie repeating over and over. The arrival at the trail to our destination was not exactly a breathtaking experience, but more of the same. The group hauled copious amounts of gear through more sagebrush and dusty rattlesnake country surrounded by more basalt rock walls.

Don't get me wrong, I do very much love the desert. The simplicity of the scenery. The dry air. The quiet. There is a lack of visual stimulation that I find very calming. Small bursts of color here go a long way.

The trail led us to this extraordinarily beautiful oasis. A place called Dutch Henry Falls. More land owned by The Nature Conservancy.

Quite an amazing contrast to the surrounding desert landscape.


Very challenging for those who had to string nets...

Dutch Henry Falls

Dutch Henry Falls

The net stringers had slippery moss covered rocks that shift under foot to contend with. One wrong step and their chest high waders could be quickly filled with water.

We were very content to be spectators on this excursion.

Dutch Henry Falls