a day at Whisper Lake

When you hang with bat enthusiasts until the wee hours of the morning, you sleep the day away. I actually didn’t get myself out of bed until around 10 am every day this week.

I took a hike around Whisper Lake this afternoon.

The Mariposa Lilies are at their peak.

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

Sagebrush Mariposa Lily

as well as a few other flowers

yellow flowers

Bailey and I even found a little time to do some porch sitting...

sittin' on the porch

A simple day requires a simple supper... this soup recipe is super simple. It’s a super simple soup. I think that’s what I shall call it. Requires very little chopping. No pureeing. We can thank my sister-in-law Lorrie for this recipe. Thank you Lorrie for the oh so super simple soup supper!

simple soup

Lorrie's Super Simple Soup
1 box of Pacific Natural Foods buttery sweet corn soup
4 al fresco all natural roasted pepper and asiago chicken sausages, sliced
2 cans of whole black beans, drained
1 package frozen sweet corn
A few chunks of brie cheese
Put the first 4 ingredients in a large pot and heat until hot. Ladle into bowls and add a few small chunks of brie cheese.