Happy Halloween!

Aren't these the cutest butterflies you have ever seen? I am not bias or anything! Ellie is the Little pink butterfly, Lola the purple, and mom the blue. If you can't make it out, dad is a leaf for all of us little butterflies to land on...We headed out this afternoon to a Halloween party!

Melissa and Brady (the gracious hosts)

The butterflies playing with their friend the Lady bug!

Lola Grace

Ellie Francesca
The girls won FIRST prize in the costume contest,
it was a tough race though, lots of cute babies there.

Lola got spooked.... the big gorilla at the party must have caught her eye!

Kathleen, Bailey, Lola & Stacie- Lola and Bailey are birthday buddies.

Off to Grandmother house we go.......

Ellie with Emma

Lola with Uncle Drew

Off to trick or treating we go!

One house we stopped at was haunted... Lola and Ellie were a bit unsure about this piano player.

Holidays are way more fun when you have little ones. Tony and I were more excited than ever before simply because of our little angles.
After this full day the girls were beat, and crashed early and hard!