Beach day with the Uncles

Uncle Shaun is moving to the east coast, so he came down to spend time with all of us before he left! We will MISS him, but we are so glad we got to have a ton of fun before he left !

All the kiddos making sand castles!

My bros: Shaun and Mark!

I helped the girls play in the sand and
Shaun helped all the kiddos find sand crabs... they caught so many!
Cousin Aiden and Uncle Mark
Lola was crazy about the water and Uncle Shaun was there keeping her from just running in!
Ellie preferred just to watch sissy play in the waves with Uncle Mark!

Poor Aiden got the attach of the sand.... we buried up to his neck!
So cute..... Shaun and Lola... we can't wait to visit you and Katie soon, we love you !