Harvest Festival

There is an annual Harvest Festival at the elementary school where I work. We all headed out for the festivities. The girls got to do a trial run on their Halloween costumes (with a few glitches I must fix before next weekend). It happened to be held on Aiden (my nephew's) birthday, it was so sweet, he thought this was a party just for him, and why not let him believe it! All of us , including my best friend Sarah who was down for the weekend, had a blast.
Mark, Sarah, Aiden, Tony, Ellie, Lola, Stacie

Kinda of a blurry shot, but Aiden was having a blast playing the carnival games and winning a lot of prizes!
The girls were having a blast too, decorating (and eating) cookies!
ellie & sarah
mom & lola

Sarah and I decided to dress up with the girls we both were butterflies and the girls of course were a ladybug and a bumble bee.

One of my students was in love with ellie and got a kick out of the fact that they both were bumble bees- we had to snap a picture.

We calmed the kiddos down with a display of bubbles after we took all of them for a walk down the HAUNTED HALL! All the kids were so spooked (hey I even got spooked a bit, it was that elaborate). At one point Mark lost Aiden because he took off running when he saw a huge mechanical moving dragon blowing smoke. Our girls were holding onto to us for dear life. Good news, we found Aiden and Lola and Ellie were full of smiles a few minutes later.