Sibling Love!

So this was a moment two years in the making. All four of us sibling and our spouses have not been together since my brother Shaun's wedding, which was before the girls were born. All four of us enjoy each other's company and have been close our entire lives, but location keeps us from spending as much time together as we would like. So we took this opportunity to go out have fun together. After Mom's birthday bash last weekend we headed to Dave and Busters and had some all American fun!

Stacie and Shaun

Katie and Tony

The boys playing some sort of "Man's Game" it was VERY intense as you can tell!

Ski ball is one of my faves!

Mo on Air Hockey... my very fave. I played twice and lost both times :( I am a bit rusty these days.

ALL THE GIRLS: Maureen, Stacie, Missi, and Katie

ALL THE BOYS: Mark, Tony, Shaun, and Matt

THE WHOLE GANG...I love this group!