Break a Leg

Katherine made it through 3 performances of School House Rock! Too this weekend.  We all went Saturday night (Rachel sat on Grandpa's lap and never even wiggled she was so transfixed by the show!) and Robie and I went today.  The show was great!  Katherine was SO proud to be in it and we were SO proud of her being up on stage.  It was a good experience for her.

"Lolly, lolly, lolly, get your adverbs here..."
"There are ideas everywhere you look..."

"Conjunction junction, what's your function?..."

All the younger kids were train cars during the song and carried posters with various nouns and conjunctions printed on them.  Kate was a little embarassed to be "but" - it's an important word in the song, but no one really wants to be a but.

There was a cast party after the show - ice cream sundaes in the green room.  Katherine thought that was a great idea.

Katherine is a seasoned actor now.  She knows about scripts, roles, rehearsals, memorizing lyrics, learning dance steps, how to block a scene, what "downstage right" means, how important the stage manager is, and the thrill of a crowd watching and clapping for you.  I had to explain what "break a leg" meant (and agree that it's pretty silly) but she had a great time performing.  And that is the magic of theatre.