Daddy's Birthday

On the 24th it was Tony's birthday. "It's My Daddy's Birthday" the girls kept saying. Since the movie Cars 2 came out on Tony's birthday and the girls absolutely love Cars 1, Tony thought it would be super fun to take the girls to their first Big Screen showing. Of course we had to hype it up.... The girls had to bring their Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile plush toys with them to the movie. The whole experience was super fun...but I will say I was a bit disappointed in the sequel. The actual content of the movie did not matter to our little ones, they just wanted to see their favorite characters on the big screen and of course eat some movie popcorn.

Getting ready to go in!

Lola is smiling with such anticipation... the video below is priceless!

Ellie LOVED the popcorn and did not even wait to get back to seat before chowing down!

...the girls lasted through ALL the previews, the short film before, and about 40min of the movie before they were done. Ellie kept saying "Mom, I want to leave this movie!" Lola just kept getting up and playing with her Finn toy.


After the Movie we came home to help Daddy Celebrate his birthday with Dinner, cake, and of course presents!

Sara's sister Emily and her niece Claire joined us in the celebration!
The girls eating the yummy cake! a hard picture to make out but Ellie is getting some tickle torture from her Uncle Mark, too fun!

Happy Birthday Tony...All three of your girls love you so much!