School House Rock

Katherine is in a play this weekend.  It's a community production and a "real" show with scripts, multiple scenes, lights, a set, costumes, and several weeks of rehearsals.  They're doing School House Rock! Too - a cute story involving all of the old TV School House Rock songs of my childhood (Conjunction Junction, what's your function...).  Kate begged to be in the play and I finally relented.  She has had some long, late rehearsals but has never complained.  She's learned a lot from the older kids.  Katherine's part is small - she's one of a group of younger kids who are in just a few scenes.  But she does not care, she's an actor.  She just likes being part of a big production.  If you are in the area, come see the show!  It's at Southwestern College at 7:30 tonight and 2:00 Sunday.