Swimming Lessons

Today was the last day of swimming lessons for the girls.  They have LOVED going.  They have tanned nut brown and perpetually smell of chlorine and they're going to miss their daily lesson.

Katherine has always been a little afraid of the water.  She likes to get wet, but doesn't really want to put her face in the water and never quite trusts enough to let go and swim.  But that is rapidly changing.  This summer she has learned to really float, do the back stroke, get somewhere by doing the crawl stroke, jump into the pool, and venture into water deeper than she is.  That is pretty amazing!  She has lost a lot of her fears and gained a lot of confidence and it is so much fun to watch.  She has turned in to a true swimmer.

And Rachel?  Well, Rachel's goal is to spend as much time as possible underwater.  If she could grown gills and just be a fish, she would!  She listens to her teacher and does everything she is asked, she just makes sure to put her head under at every opportunity.  And her favorite thing, of course, if jumping off the side into her teacher's arms. (Or not.)  She is not as scary to watch this year, as she has at least a little more respect for water and self-control.  She just loves to swim!