July in the vegie patch

 Sun is trying to peak through
 broadbeans (these already had a summer crop) slightly rust affected
 Green Manure
 peas, broccoli, onions and spinach

 deciduous tree doesn't realise its july
 carrots and beetroot patch
 I hate thinning, can't bare to be ruthless

 raspberry canes
 carrots left out overnight and possums said thankyou for my tasty treat
 what else is tasty for a possum?
maybe some silverbeet
mmmm poisonous rhubarb leaves, my favourite
 cabbages and cauliflowers, possum leaving alone for now
 broccoli and celery
 self seeded freckle lettuce and radicchio
 Pikelets, maple syrup and lemon and sugar.  After school treats and treat for me post planting sweet peas (any excuse really)
 my favourite op shop mug for a cup of tea
 Eucalypts getting the last rays of winter sun
end of a lovely day - shame about the powerlines