Potty Training Update...

Now that the stomach bug that attached our girls is completely gone, we are again in full force potty training mode. The last two days the girls have worn nothing but a dress-no diapers or panties underneath. We tried the pull-ups and panties at first but the girls just forget and thought they are diapers and would end up peeing in their pants. With a bare but they are much more successful!

Yesterday, each of the girls had just one little accident but today we have been diaper free and both girls and independently used the potty for both pee and poop multiple times. Actually they have been experimenting with the big potty too!

Lola comes running in the kitchen this morning and says "Mommy, I pooped!" She lead me back to the bathroom where the evidence was in the big potty, I was so proud! -The things that make only a mother proud ;)

I still have yet to commit to take them out without a diaper on but that time is coming, especially now that I have these portable potties called "Potett Potty" they are great! Possible tomorrow.

I will keep you posted!