With a little girl in the house who loves everything pink and frothy, pink is never far away. Pink skirts, pink boots, pink dresses, pink hair, pink fairy dresses, and pink dressing gowns.

It is not a colour I would choose to wear, but I do love it in the garden.  I am very enamoured with the pink Crowea whose flowers never cease, even better it is the perfect insect lure, hauling in the prettiest of bees (see my last post). Pink petunias, pink hollyhocks, pink native hibiscus, pink lillies, pink leek flowers, pink Naked Ladies, I am surprised by how much pink I grow in the garden.

Raspberries make a wondrously pink curd, and air dried clay turns an earthy terracotta pink.

Playing along with Evi from Sister Sun who has inspired me to dredge out all things pink from my archives. I could have filled a book.