August Cooking and Teeth

August Cooking

A new Friday tradition (stolen from Christine at Slow Living Essentials). The Big Bowerbird is cooking us dinner for pocket money.  Her first meal - vegetarian Thai green curry with rice and garlic chicken (for little ones that don't like curry).
Thai green cury
It was pretty spicy but she and her friend were determined to eat it, and soldiered on with a glass of milk to kill the burn beside them.

French toast makes a perfect after school snack and does a great job of using up all the little bits of left over bread.

Finally using our humongous pumpkin, Blue Ballet, came in a Diggers Pumpkin mix. It's totally delicious and a wonderful rich  colour. Has been eaten roasted, in pasties, and in quiche.
 The little one likes to munch on it raw while I'm chopping.

Potato Latkes from a winter potato harvest, delicious served with smoked salmon, chives and sour cream.
 Some yummy cinnamon scrolls the Big Bowerbird made from a new cookbook.

Making Julie Goodwin's tasty Flat breads was a big hit with the kids, lots of kneading and rolling.

 You would think with all this good eating that our children would be thriving.

Unfortunately behind those gorgeous smiles is some serious tooth decay.  I'm suffering from  terrible mother guilt about it ,after a visit to the dentist yesterday.  "That is some of the worst decay I have ever seen in a 3 year old" is not what you hope to hear from your dentist, parenting fail. I'm really not sure why they are so bad, but all the kids have had major problems with their teeth. We eat biscuits and cakes, but in moderation, we rarely have lollies, and water and milk are the main drinks in our house. We brush teeth, we eat lots of home grown vegies, cook most things from scratch, and our town water is fluoridated. I am so sad for the little Bowerbird, as I know it's going to mean lots of dental visits, and a road that her big sister went down of teeth being removed, fillings, and infections. Sigh, there are worse crosses to bare, but I feel terrible for them. The big Bowerbird has a new molar just coming up that is already getting some decay in it.

We now have tooth mousse to use and were told the little Bowerbird needs a sugar free diet. Making  a concerted effort to rinse with water after all eating as well. Any other suggestions?