Vacation Bible School -2012

Last week the girls participated in our Church's Vacation Bible School. I remember going to VBS as a kid and loving it, so I thought it would something the girls might enjoy too. Ellie absolutely loved the whole experience and Lola loved it too but always wanted me to stay with her. Good thing I was planning on volunteering anyway! The girls learned a ton of new songs that they have been singing together ever since VBS started. They learned Bible stories, did crafts, played games, and met some new friends. They also loved their high school aged teacher Miss Maddie (were definitely going to use her as a baby sitter when we need one).
The theme of VBS this year was "An Amazing Desert Journey"

There is Miss Maddie in the orange shirt.

The girls little certificates for completing the week at Vacation Bible School.

Here are the girls singing some of the songs they learned.