Willow Bough and Peas

Some peas ready for planting.

Finally a sunny day to get out in the garden!

I got the most beautiful postcard in my letter box on Friday from Kate at Our Little Sins, I was so excited I skipped all the way back inside to open it up. Kate has the most lovely handwriting. These are Kate's pictures below, from this post, do you think I could find the postcard when I wanted to photograph it this morning? 

Dear Kate, 
Of course the sun was not shining when I received the letter, sooo many grey days of late, but if the postman had held on it for the weekend, I would have pulled it out today, so perhaps those well wishes are working after all. I am pining for sunshine, perhaps a shades of blue book would be better. Wet and work are not a good combination.

There has been no confirmation of another Suitcase Rummage event in Melbourne but I am crossing my fingers, it was a really fabulous day.

Willow bough, doesn't that sound romantic? Like a branch you could bend and twist and make into something wondrous. I love green in it's many hues. I think I can match that Pantone colour in the forest of my blue sky picture above. It is the green of Eucalyptus leaves and olives.

Kate is sending 100 Pantone postcards out into the world, placing little rectangles of colour in letter boxes everywhere.  Got to love an old school letter. You can find out more about her here. Now if I can find that letter I might send one back.