It takes a village

We all know that it takes a village to raise kids and Tony and I have been blessed with a huge village full of fantastic people who love our girls! One village member I have never blogged  about is Yvette, better known to us and the girls as TT. She has watched the girls three days a week since they were   seven months old. The girls absolutely love TT as well as the other kids TT takes care of. It was a surprise to me how big of a bond these girls would make with their day care community. Because of preschool the girls only go to TT's house once a week now and they really look forward to going. TT has really provided are girls with a safe, stimulating, and fun place to spend the day while Mommy and Daddy have to work. They do crafts together, bake together, and have PJ parties every one in awhile with all the day care kids. We Love TT!